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Elevate Your Photos

Elevate Your Photos
We live in such a visual world now and photography is a huge part of marketing and helping brand your business no matter how big or small you are. It can be intimating especially when you have no idea how to work a camera and hiring a photographer every time can become very expensive, I know this because I use to be the photographer you would hire before I started my boutique.
The photographs I am using in this blog are not photographs I ever share with people because they were never intended for people to see. They are the behind the scenes images or lack of a better term, the outtakes from the photoshoot. However, even if they don't make that final cut they are just as important as the final photo. These photographs tell the story of how I got my models to work with me and how I got to the final "money shot" aka: the photo you get to see.  
 So I thought I would compile a few helpful tips with the behind the scene photos from my recent editorial shoot of our Fall/Winter Collection that I have used over the last decade to help people relax while in front of my camera and little things I do to create images that feel more organic and not so stiff like a 1980's glamour shot.

1. WINE! WINE! WINE! Trust me it will make for a good time.

Of course this is for the models who are 21 years+ ONLY & never red wine because it will stain their lips. For models under the age of 21, that is for another day & post. Leave a comment if you would like some tips for that.

If you have ever been in my studio or in front of my camera you have probably said to me "I am no model" because most of the time people see my photographs and immediately think the women I use to model are extremely comfortable being photographed and have been modeling for years, well not always and most of them are full of nerves at first. So yes I do pour them a glass of wine to help them relax a bit, but NEVER let anyone drink too much because after all this is still business and drunk eyes are a big NO.

 I let my models drink a glass while I am adjusting my light and we are chatting and joking. I believe it helps set the vibe and gets someone more relaxed to be photographed. Photographing someone for the first time no matter how long you  known them always takes a certain amount of trust for that person, so the more comfortable you can make someone the better your photos will be.


Having fun with your models while photographing them should always be your goal. Don’t be so serious all the time. There is a time to work and a time to play so when you can bring the two together that’s when the real magic happens! 

I love making people walk in photos and sometimes having a blur in your photo is OKAY..let me repeat that intentional BLUR in an image is OKAY it adds an extra element to your photo and gives it a more playful feel. Dancing and moving allow you to show how the fabric moves with the body or hair (for all you hair artists) and it gives your photograph a real life look instead of sitting and not moving. Also, it helps your model not pose so much and you can capture their real authentic self. Sometimes when a person is not thinking so hard about having to be photographed they can relax more which in turn is better for you as the photographer, boutique, hairstylist, etc whoever you are taking the photo.
3. Work With People Who Love The Art Of Creating. 
When we do photoshoots they take some time. A few hours or more because we have to style, change wardrobe, fix hair, makeup, adjust lighting, and get the feel for the new look. When you work with a group of like minded people who all bring a different talent to the table it is always a fun time. Everyone can just be creative together, enjoy a glass of wine, and listen to good music making it a chill environment your model can relax in better. 
Some Of The Final Photos
In conclusion, you don't have to use all three of these steps to make someone comfortable. You can use just one or two of them to help your model relax while being photographed. Just be creative and have fun!

P.S.  To all of you who have ever worked with me see there is a method to my madness. 

Hope You Enjoyed xx. 
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Photos By: Morgan Krowel
Models & Hair: Brooke Munson @beauty_bybrooke 
Marissa Badie @marissa_manemaven 
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
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